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General Consent for Treatment

I understand that I am giving general consent for dental treatment for myself or my minor children. I also understand that routine treatment will be explained and all questions answered. Advanced Family Dentistry and staff will take all measures necessary to provide the safest and most successful treatments, but all dental and anesthetic procedures have associated risks. These risks generally include, but are not limited to:

Drug reactions and side effects

Damage to adjacent teeth, fillings, or tissue

Postoperative infection

Postoperative bleeding requiring additional treatment

Postoperative pain

Postoperative numbness

Delayed healing

Changes in the bite

Bruising, sensitivity, or pain

Failure of a treatment or material requiring further treatment

Complications requiring referral to a specialist

Jaw pain or TMJ symptoms following treatment requiring further care

Recurrence of a condition requiring further treatment


I also understand that before any complex or specialty level treatment further information will be given me describing the recommended procedure, alternatives to the procedure, risks associated with the procedure. I will also be able to ask any questions I may have about the procedure and have them answered prior to treatment. I am encouraged to ask questions at any time of any of the staff regarding treatments, risks, and outcomes as well as my financial obligations. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to tell Advanced Family Dentistry staff about any medical, dental, or other condition that may compromise treatment or lead to further complications. This includes a history of jaw pain, jaw joint, or TMJ treatment; medical conditions and medications, or any history of difficulty during dental treatment. 


Contact our office with any questions.


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