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I have a very severe anxiety issue with going to the dentist but Dr. Trapp and her staff make relaxation much easier. My visits to their office are great. Dr. Trapp and her staff are wonderful. I appreciate them and will continue to make them a part of my health team.

Nancy A.


Advanced family Dentistry always provides the top of line care for their patients. They are very professional in every department. I would recommend them to anyone

James B.


we are very happy with our dental provider-- they are prompt, courteous, and concerned with our dental health. they are also concerned with our pain levels and are careful not to cause undue pain, which is a feature we really like. Highly recommend them for your dental needs!

Linda B.


My visit was great, Dr. Bitar was very informative and professional. Her staff also do a great job. Thanks for everything.

Ronald F.


I would like to highly recommend Advanced Family Dentistry to anyone wanting to receive exceptional dental care. The staff is conscientious, friendly, and they genuinely care about their patients. You never feel like they are rushing through your appointment to be able to serve the next person. They take their time and truly care if you are satisfied with the service you receive.

Barbara R



Not only does Dr. Bitar and her staff go above and beyond for me, but for my 3 yr old God son who had his first experience with them was magnificent. Thank you Tiffany for taking that extra moment to make things pleasant for my child. I highly recommend this great group of ladies for all your needs

Kimberly D.


Dr Bitar is excellent. She is professional, knowledgeable, and always does a great job. The office staff is outstanding and always willing to help. I have been going here for 9 years.

Patricia K.


All the staff and office are Great!!

Robert A.



This is a fantastic office the staff is top notch. I highly recommend it to everyone!!! The coffee is really good too while you're waiting.

Scott S.



Great to meet Tiffany. She was very professional and knowledgeable.

Jenni T.



Dr. Bitar and Dr. Trapp have professional and knowledgeable staff. State of the Art equipment and methods...and everybody is personable, approachable and easy want a good dentist?? This is the place!

Pamela F.



You are all great. My experience was a comfortable, calming visit-in a place I usually hate. Thanks for all you do to make this happen.

Lisa N.



I was in pain and agony on a weekend. I called them first thing Monday morning, explained my situation, they were able to fit me in early that same afternoon. I felt like a new person soon after leaving my appointment, and was finally able to sleep through the night without any discomfort. I thank you and my children thank you since I wasn't exactly very pleasant to be around. The care and treatment I received was superb! I highly recommend Advanced Family Dentistry!


Maria H.



I really liked Dr. Bitar. She took a lot of time with me to fix what I thought was a cracked tooth but turned out to be a filling that had come out. She gave me a thorough exam as a first time patient and was gentle. She made sure that she gave me enough numbing medicine but said she would check during the procedure to make sure it wasn't too much. Wonderful assistant and front office staff as well. I will be returning!

Lisa F.



I came to Dr. Bitar's office and had an excellent experience. I had an implant crown placed and it was perfect. Dr. Bitar is a very sweet and loving lady. I am very proud of her.

Peggy Kidwell



Dr. Theresa Trapp is a wonderful dentist. She has helped to keep my teeth looking great. She is kind and understands how important my smile is to me! 

Nancy Jennings



The experience I had at Advanced Family Dentistry was exceptional. I was one of those who was terrified of the thought of going to the dentist, this over the years along with many soft drinks left me with major dental work to be done. I finally went for a cleaning and consultation and the staff was excellent in every aspect. So we worked out a treatment plan and I'm on my way to a healthy smile, thanks to the dentists and assistants. So whether you are a little nervous or you think your past the point of no return, give Advanced Family Dentistry a call, they do great work, and you will be glad you did like me.

Marty Prince  


I've always hated dentistry since having lots of cavities & gum problems life long...but not Dr. Sawsan Bitar. She has proven time and again to be gentle, caring, efficient, and very cooperative with my limited financial budgeting needs to working with me on payment terms. I've finally & for the first time been able to relax in a dental chair with her care.

M. J. Bradsell 



Our first and second trip has been wonderful. They explained everything in detail to my child, and were very caring. The assistants were very knowledgeable too. I will recommend this place to everyone.

Craig Whyde


I absolutely love Advanced Family Dentistry. Everyone that works here is so friendly. I am proud to call this my dentist office. Honestly, it makes going to the dentist 10x better :-) Thanks!


Our children love Dr. Bitar. She has taken great care of them. Dr. Bitar met our son for the first time after a four wheeler accident did great trauma to his mouth. She has taken the time to work with him and has given him his confidence and smile back! Thank you Dr. Bitar!

The Campbell Family


Dr. Trapp and staff,

I just wanted to say Thank You for my new smile! I never thought anything so simple could be done about the crowding and discoloration of my teeth. I am so pleased with my new LUMINEERS that I find myself smiling all the time! You and your staff made me feel comfortable and at home from the moment I walked in the door. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Richard H.